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Fall 2021 Pilot Survey Opportunity for NJ Districts

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The School Climate Transformation Project (SCTP), in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), is pleased to announce a no-cost opportunity for school climate data collection and planning.

Schools in interested districts will be able to use a new, comprehensive instrument, the New Jersey School Climate Improvement (NJ SCI) Survey to access critical data for understanding school climate needs and strengths for students, staff, and parents and caregivers. Topics covered on the survey include relationships, safety, sense of connectedness, teaching and learning, and features of an equitable and supportive learning environment, including supports for social and emotional learning.

Schools will also have access to a newly developed, provisional online platform, the New Jersey School Climate Improvement (NJ SCI) Platform. This platform will facilitate data collection of the NJ SCI Survey and will display results using responsive technology to support data analysis and prioritization of needs. See below for a sneak peek of the platform interface.

All New Jersey districts are eligible to participate in the pilot study in fall 2021 if they meet the basic requirements: 

  • A Chief School Administrator/Superintendent reviews and signs the terms of use and agreements for the platform and pilot study.
  • The district appoints someone to coordinate data collection efforts for NJ SCI Survey in the district, and to provide support, guidance, and resources to their district’s participating schools. This district representative will work with SCTP staff and engage in online learning opportunities to train on use of platform and survey administration.
  • All schools in districts admitted to the pilot study are eligible, but not required, to participate in survey administration during the 2021-2022 school year.

District or school personnel interested in bringing this opportunity to their district are encouraged to fill out the Interest Form by August 13, 2021 for more information.

For general questions or concerns reach out to: sctp@rutgers.edu

Interest Form
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Staff members, school leaders, and/or district personnel from public New Jersey school districts who are interested in this opportunity should fill out this form by August 13, 2021. This interest form is not a commitment to participate nor a guarantee of services.

Platform Interface Preview

Survey Page on Platform
Domain Page on Platform
Item Page on Platform
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The School Climate Transformation Project is a partnership between the NJDOE and the Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology that provides supports to K-12 schools in New Jersey in using a multi-year school climate change process for developing inclusive and positive school climates. Through consultation and professional development opportunities, the SCTP supports school leadership teams in using data to develop a comprehensive plan for addressing school climate needs.